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Goodness of Bija...

At Bija Agrifresh, we have built a sophisticated supply chain for high quality fresh fruits. Consumers get high quality, safe-to-eat, fresh fruits, farmers/growers get a better deal and our distributors get our best covenience.

Bija Agrifresh have quick and easy communications that makes businesses and market strategies very smooth and pleasant. Our past experience is excelent with growers and retailers. Our intention is to always take our relation with growers and retail partners to new heights.

Bija Agrifresh is active since 2017 and we a superb mutual understanding with all our commercial partners and growers. Growers has found Bija very trustworthy and honest organisation among all service providers near by them. We are looking forward to have many successful years of growing together.

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Our Services...

If you have any suggestions, doubts and questions about our services that we are providing, dont hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to serve according to our customers and partners.

Apple Purchase and Sale

We purchase fresh seasonally fruits in Himachal directly from growers with satisfactory prices and store them in our CA Store and provide fresh fruits around year through our cold chain and distribution system in different markets of India.

Packaging Materials

We provide packaging materials ( i.e. Trays, Boxes, Seperators, Anti-Hail Nets, Crates etc. ) to Growers/Farmers with effective prices.

Awareness Programs

We organise awareness tours to apple growers and educate them about apple prooning, cutting, farming, spraying, plucking, packing and prevention from any kind of diseases.